SELDON “Per Quale Sentiero”

“Per Quale Sentiero”
(Red Cat Records)

Battle Helm Rating

My mind is fucked up. At times I don’t know if I’ve come or gone. if I’ve dreamt or if it is real. That is what happened to me with SELDON. Somewhere back in my head I thought I had done something with the band previously, but it just turned out to be my mind playing a trick on me. I have no concept of time passed. So yesterday seem as far or close as two weeks ago, a month ago, a year ago. It wreaks havoc on my memory and my concept of time not knowing when things happened. What has this all got to do with SELDON you might ask. Absolutely nothing apart from the pact that I confused having been sent this CD for having done something with the band in the past. Musically this is some sort of prog rock mixed with different influences. What I like the most with records like this is that I get to hear other side of a country’s music landscape. This Italian band is one that I would have missed out on had it not been sent to me. I am not the greatest connoisseur of Italian progressive music so I have no bands to really name drop but if you don’t mind your prog rock going a bit jazzy at times you will find as much enjoyment in this as I did. And I am not even that much of a jazz fan. This review is written on a Sunday but this album suits any day of the week if you just want a moment to get away from the stress. Anders Ekdahl

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