Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies – “Earth Air Spirit Fire Water”


Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies – “Earth Air Spirit Fire Water” (Ván Records)

“No laws, no paradigms, simply the ascent and descent of microcosms of sound worlds are born and die within the space of a song”. Ván Records have always been at the cutting edge of music, taking the composite metal sound and allowing it to develop into whatever form it may take. Selim Lemouchi is their latest discovery, but ‘discovery’ is hardly how I’d describe a man who’s fronted the The Devil’s Blood for 6 years, although his search for spiritual clarity and artistic inspiration certainly has been one, taking the beautiful occult rock that he and his sister Farid created into an even more 60s hippy psychedelic rock. I’m not entirely sure if Selim has done away with the devil altogether, but given there isn’t an ugly note on songs like ‘Next Stop, Universe B’, ‘The Deep, Dark Waters‘ and ‘Molasses’, the man has either been redeemed or is the most heinous manipulator since Aleister Crowley! Musically it’s all about clear flowing water, lush forests, deep dark nutritious soil and other alluring thoughts that flood your mind as Selim’s polymorphic vocals and trance inducing guitars set the stage for Farida’s hypnotic harmonies. And just who are his ‘enemies’? Despite the laid back groove and placid vibe, entropy isn’t Selim’s goal but instead to create an element of spontaneity and retain true creativity, thus he has a revolving door of artistes – 11 no less here – providing various instrumental contributions from drum synths to moogs to mellotrons. Quite how he achieves this onstage will be witnessed at next year’s Roadburn festival, until then savor the mind bending, soul saving grace of Selim Lemouchi. And His Enemies.

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