SENSER “To The Capsules”

“To The Capsules”
Now this is a blast from the past. I remember a time when SENSER were the hype. That was a long time ago and much water has passed under the bridge. But it is great to see them back on track again. This is one of those bands that you didn’t know you missed until you get to hear a new album by them. To call SENSER for rap metal is to kick a homeless; you just don’t do that out of respect. SENSER has always been bigger than their combined self. It is cool to hear that they still matter in 2013. At the same time it is sad to realize that the world hasn’t changed that much since they last recorded anything. We might think we evolve when we actually just stand still. SENSER in 2013 is still greater than its combined mass. Anders Ekdahl

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