SENSORIUM “The Art of Living”

The Art Of Living”
I’ve written it before and I’ll probably write it again but Israel is not a country that I associate with metal. Don’t know why but I always get the impression that people in Israel are very religious and therefore not into metal at all. But the truth is totally the opposite. The main Israeli population are just like you and me. There’s no difference. And lately I’ve come upon more and more metal bands from Israel that really need more attention than they get. SENSORIUM is a symphonic gothic female fronted metal band. They have released an album that is full of quality metal in a kinda Nightwish gone power metal way. You got the operatic vocals along with a bit of older Helloweeen “Keeper of the Seven Keys” thrown in. a mix that on paper might seem like a bad concoction but really work in reality. This one surprised me. Anders Ekdahl

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