SEPTEKH “The Seth Avanlanche”

“The Seth Avanlanche”
Swedeath has come to mean a thing in the international metal scene. And with each new generation it is re-invented to mean something new. Septekh may hail from the Stockholm area and they sound nothing like Entombed or Dismember but still just as them. Know what I mean? But raw and basic it is. Just like Nihilist and Autopsy sounded once upon a time. Throw in some Repulsion in the picture too and you get a pretty good idea of just how raw and basic this is. Septekh could very easily be the next contender for the Swedeath throne. An opponent for the throne. Tribulation look out! I can’t help tapping my foot to this. It is just so cool to hear more and more bands going back to basic these days. It almost makes my eyes tear up. Cool stuff from yet another Swedeath exponent. Anders Ekdahl

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