SEPTEMBER CODE “Remembering Mirrors”

“Remembering Mirrors”
(The Leaders Records)
I don’t know why but for some reason I kinda expect this to be along the lines of a band like LIVE. Borderline hardrock with strong melodies and a very expressive vocalist. I just get that kinda vibe from the band name and the press release. But then again I could be totally off my track and this ends up being something completely different. This turned out a bit more melancholic than I expected. A bit more expressive than I expected. Not that that is anything negative. I like this angle of the music. If there ever was something like indie metal September Code would be the poster boys for it. This is as alternative as Isis yet on the other end of the spectra. What so appealing about this is the crossover potential. If you like melancholic bands like Katatonia, or why not LIVE, then this will appeal to you. Anders Ekdahl

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