September Mourning – “Melancholia”

September Mourning – “Melancholia” (Repo Records)

Welcome to the world of September Mourning, a transmedia project collaboration between performance artist and singer Emily Lazar and Top Cow comic book artist Marc Silvestri that will use webisodes, comix, TV and music to tell a serialized story based on real people and imaginary characters – in this case September – who is the fictional iteration of Lazar! With the continuing flavour towards all things undead popularized by the Twilight films and The Walking Dead series, September Mourning is perfectly poised to show us ‘..why dying is overrated..’! Musically “Melancholia” relates to the darkness, twisted realities and fantasies upon which it is based, mixing nu metal electronix with gothic melodies and a metal foundation which at times is Marilyn Manson, whilst at others, hinting at Pantera’s furor. Lazar herself (or is it September?) has the perfect voice: soothing, haunting and a screaming banshee that gives the icing on the cake to emo goth rock / metal songs like ‘Always’, ‘Seal Your Fate’, and ‘Beyond The Grave’. This is a highly ambitious concept but Lazar and Silvestri both have the talent and moreover, belief in September – a girl with the power to set things right and piss fate off.

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