SEPTEMBER MURDER “He Who Invokes Decadence”

“He Who Invokes Decadence”
Why not a November murder? November is a really boring month. If I were ever to kill off a month it would be November. I kinda like September. I usually take my annual vacation in September. But I’m not here to question the band’s choice of name. I’m here to question their choice of metal to play. This is basically death metal in the vein of the harder acts. No fancy melodies or any of that garniture that you find on some of the more modern metal bands music. This is dark like there is no tomorrow. You can almost feel the dystopian atmosphere by listening to the music. You don’t have to read the titles to understand that it isn’t a nice and picture perfect world that SEPTEMBER MURDER paints. So if you don’t mind your death metal on the bleak side this might just be what you need. Anders Ekdahl

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