Serenity – “War Of Ages”

Serenity – “War Of Ages” (Napalm Records)

From the splendor of the Austrian alps comes the symphonic majesty of Serenity! Reveling in pomp and regality, these chaps look set to take on Sabaton at their own game on this fantastic album made for kings. Formed at the turn of the century, Serenity take inspiration for this album from some of history’s greatest figures ranging from Napoleon to Nero to Henry VIII of England. Big egos befitting big tributes indeed. Thankfully this hitherto little known band have now stepped right up and delivered the goods to warrant a royal tribute: soaring dual male / female theatrical vocals; bombastic choruses; glorious guitar riffs with heaps of exotic twists and massive rhythms show true quality in their musical homage to these icons on kingly songs like ‘Age Of Glory’, ‘Tannenberg’ and ‘Legacy Of Tudors’. Honestly, this is anything but serene lol – but it’s grand sir, it’s bloody grand!

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