SERPENTCULT “Raised By Wolves”

“Raised By Wolves”
Serpentcult aren’t totally new to me. I’ve heard their debut album bit missed out on the one that followed only to re-acquaint myself with the band for this new one. Ever since I heard Candlemass’ epic debut album “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” I’ve been in love with doom metal. There is something special to doom metal that appeals to me on in more ways than humanly possible. Serpentcult are doom in pretty much the same tradition. Where Black Sabbath are the throne bearer and everything after is just an attempt at coming close to that greatness. Serpentcult’s doom aren’t as epic as Candlemass’. This is more doom along the way of Cathedral’s early work. Slow, apocalyptic and menacing. I usually don’t complain about the vocals but I gotta say that this time around I would have liked a more emotional vocal approach instead of the rather high pitched one we get submitted to on “Raised By Wolves”. Other than that this is the good stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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