SERPENTYNE “The Serpent’s Kiss”

“The Serpent’s Kiss”

Battle Helm Rating

I love female fronted bands. I love male fronted bands. If I were to choose between them I’d take them both. Yes, I am terrible at deciding. I want em all instead. And thanks to this incredible opportunity I got reviewing recordings I don’t have to choose. Their music on this album is being described as symphonic rock. What struck me at first when I heard this album is how much it made me think of Gary Moore’s “Over The Hills”. It has that same Celtic/Irish feel to it. That should bring the Nightwish fans to this band. This is also very much (hard)rock based in a folk music tradition. And in that sense this has vibes of Skyclad without sounding too much like them. It also has vibes of folk/pagan/heathen metal without the growls. This is an album that has the potential to appeal to a wide variety of metal fans. Anders Ekdahl

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