SETA “Stupide Abitudini”

“Stupide Abitudini”
(Atomic Stuff)

Battle Helm Rating

I don’t understand more than a handful Italian words but whenever I hear it being suing I get a feeling in my stomach that isn’t an ache. There is something to the southern European languages that brings out strange feelings in almost everybody. Set it to rock/metal and I melt like an ice Popsicle on a hot summer day. That is why I love Spains Heroes Del Silencio and why I return to a new SETA album. The last one had me at a grip. I hope this new one will too. I like how this band mixes electro with rock in a way that makes it seem fresh. This reminds me of so much that I have a hard time coming up with names but that too me is just an added bonus to an album I really like. Anders Ekdahl

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