Seven Burning Churches – “A Tribute to Possessed”


Seven Burning Churches – “A Tribute to Possessed” (Dead Center Productions)

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The home to the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl, and now with a raging civil war, the Ukraine seems the perfect setting for this tribute to Possessed’s legendary debut “Seven Churches” which came out in 1985. Now regarded as something of a cult band, this tribute is a testimony to the death / thrash style pioneered by 4 high school kids whose work has inspired what has today evolved into entire genres of metal known the world over! Also based in the Ukraine is Dead Center Productions, who besides Paul Speckmann’s Master, have a legion of death / thrash bands who all probably grew up listening to Possessed and now eager to deliver the goods themselves. From Russia’s Pyre covering ‘The Exorcist’ to Italy’s Violentor on ‘Pentagram’ to Croatia’s Castrum smashing ‘Death Metal’ they all pretty much succeed in brutality and technicality as well as their own conventional style, brought all the more to life (or death?) by today’s technical production. Along with the 10 original tracks is ‘Swing Of The Axe’, delivered here by Regressive from Lithuania which originally came off Possessed’s final release, the “Eyes Of Horror” EP – and, of course, was produced by Joe Satriani, who’s probably never lived it down since heh heh!

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