SEVEN ENDS “To The Worms”

“To The Worms”
With an intro that made me think Terminator this could not be anything but an aggressive album. And aggressive it is. This is what I’d like to describe as deathrash. I get a distinct Morgoth/Lemming Project (that band again) feeling listening to this. There is that heavy feel to it. I also get a Napalm Death feeling, a grindcore nod in my side listening to “To The Worm”. A combo that actually works very well. That this is a full on blast of metal is just an added bonus to my ears. No fancy lettering here. No, just full on blast from start to finish in the best possible manner imaginable. This is the kind of album that I need coming my way every now and then to just cleanse me from all the other stuff I listen to. This is music that requires very little thought. This is guts music. This is so damn fun listening to, headbanging away like a maniac. Anders Ekdahl

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