Seven Thorns – “Return To The Past”

Seven Thorns
“Return To The Past”
(Nightmare Records)

Despite their name, I found these Danes anything but prickly, instead modern power metal bliss very much in the vein of Freedom Call or in their classical moments the mighty Rhapsody. While Erik “EZ” Blomkvist’s vocals were different not being the typical high end style that we are used to from their German counterparts, but more medium range and soulful, that actually works on the more straight heavy metal songs like the ironically named ‘Freedom Call’. What really impressed me though was the melodies which are nothing short of superb and will have you begging for more after songs like ‘Through The Mirror’ and ‘Spread Your Wings’. Despite coming from a country that apparently has no metal scene (no wonder Lars Ulrich left), Seven Thorns have made a commendable effort to represent their nation in fine style – no bullshit, just pure power metal!!

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