I’ve only heard a couple of SEVENTRIBE songs before being sent this record. I can’t say that I was that impressed by what I heard. Not when you take into consideration that this octet has the look to match many other bands wearing make-up and masks. I’m still not convinced that this is my cup of tea. I get a very street dance feel to this. That is more of a communal than it is a band. But I might just read too much into it. Because when they really get going they get going. Hearing the music I can’t shake the feeling of this owing a lot to Slipknot. OK, this might be more melodic but it is still moving about in that same region as Slipknot operates in. Not that I mind. Where would we be if bands didn’t pick up what other bands already have done? It is what they make of it that counts. And SEVENTRIBE do a rather good job of playing their metal. It is catchy enough to make me dig. Anders Ekdahl

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