SEXCREMENT “Sloppy Seconds”

“Sloppy Seconds”
With a name like Sexcrement you don’t expect lovely songs about the birds and the bees. Neither do you expect the band to sing about how lovely their girlfriends are, unless they are dead and lying on the autopsy table. I am not a connoisseur of this kind of metal but as with all that is done well I can enjoy it. Call m e a feminist or call me PC or call me whatever you like but I do not find anything funny in lyrics that deal with misogyny. Maybe I am too Swedish, too sensitive but I don’t see the fun with bands like Fornicator or Anal Cunt. Sexcrement could have been the greatest musical institution since sliced bread and I wouldn’t find titles like “Heard If Through the Rape Vine” any funnier. Not being able to read the lyrics maybe makes me a tad too sensitive. Not that they are the greatest in any way. This is pretty much middle of the road death/thrash. No worse but at the same time not any better than a ton of other bands, and that is just based on the music. I would have liked for this to have rocked my world musically just so that they wouldn’t fall under any other chair with the risk of being forgotten or marginalized. Anders Ekdahl

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