SHADOWCRAFT “Principles Of Chaos”

“Principles Of Chaos”
There comes a time when you feel that everything has already been done twice and that there is no future to doing it again. I get that feeling looking at the photos of SHADOWCRAFT. Corpes paint and playing symphonic black metal feels so out of date right now but perhaps that is just what the world needs now to balance out the metalcore that keeps flooding our ears. OK, there is no denying the impact Dimmu Borgir has had on this band. And while they leave the biggest symphonic orchestration behind this is symphonic enough to my ears. I get some Limbonic Art’s vibes too from this album. So take early Dimmu Borgir and mix it with Limbonic Art and you get a picture of where to place this. The fact that this feels very much 1990s-ish is of no importance. This is symphonic black metal. And it works any time and any place you like. Anders Ekdahl

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