SHADOWKILLER “A Walk In Reality”

”Slaves Of Egypt”
I’ve just recently discovered the label Stormspell but I gotta say that the stuff I’ve heard so far has impressed me so much that I feel cheated out of some great metal not having known about the label earlier. SHADOWKILLER is another band that is metal to the bone. I really like the fact that over the last couple of months I’ve come upon so many great heavy metal albums that any doubts of great old classic heavy metal being dead and buried are long gone. There is an American ring to the sound of SHADOWKILLER. A more grand feel. A larger than life kind of feeling. But that just adds to the whole air of the album. This album has turned out to be another favourite of recent. I don’t know how many new metal acts I’ve come upon but if they are as good as this I sure hope that they’ll keep coming. Anders Ekdahl

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