SHADOWS IN THE CRYPT “Cryptic Communications”

“Cryptic Communitcations”
(Horror Pain Gore Death)
I’ve been into black metal since 1983. I’ve seen dozens of styles come and go, some better than others and some just plain shite. But once you’d managed to find a gem it most often has turned out to be a worthwhile search. Early Burzum was great, so was Darkthrone before they went all punk on us. Marduk and Dark Funeral are masters at what they do. Dig deeper into the underground and you find countless of other great acts. Shadows In The Crypt are on to their second album. Perhaps this will be my new gem that I can treasure for a long time. For every week that passes by I get more and more acquainted with the USBM scene. SITC kinda makes me think of band like Abigail Willaims or Sothis in that they are more European sounding than what I’m used to hear from USBM bands. Nothing bad about that. There is an Emperor (early) feel to this black metal attack that I like. I can’t get enough of the early Emperor albums. I can see myself listening to this album more than once simply because this is the kind of black metal that has something to offer me. Anders Ekdahl

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