SHALLOW GROUND “The End Of Everything”

“The End Of Everything”
(Killer Metal)
I’ve already made my burial arrangements. I couldn’t care less if I were to be buried in shallow grounds as I’ve donated my body to medical science. But if you are anxious about dying I guess that the worst thing would be to be buried in a shallow grave. What all this has to do with SHALLOW GROUND I do not know. Judging from the song titles SHALLOW GROUND seem to deal in the darker side of humanity. Musically the first band that popped up in my head was Vio-Lence around the second album. Quite thrashy metal but not totally thrashed out. Add some Holy Terror and Defiance and you get a unholy trinity of second wave thrash to surround SHALLOW GROUND with. What I like about this album is the darkness that surrounds it. There’s no happy thought here. Anders Ekdahl

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