SHAMAN’S HARVEST ” Red Hands Black Deeds”

” Red Hands Black Deeds”

Battle Helm Rating

This is my first encounter with this band even though they have been around some time now. But hey, better late than never I say. Since I don’t know more than I’ve read I have no idea what to expect. And with them being signed to Mascot/Provogue it doesn’t really say anything about the music. It does start with a kinda country and western/native American/mid west kinda feeling. And since I am a big sucker for that kinda vibe it got me hooked. But once it really started this totally blew me away. Not the sound I had expected. There is heavy and then there is HEAVY and then there is SHAMAN’S HARVEST. I really don’t know where to place this. As I had kinda expected some groove rock’n’roll in the The Black Crowes style this blew me away when it turned out so much harder and powerful. There is that cool Danko Jones kinda groove to this but it beats the hell outta Danko when it comes to intensity. And that says a hell of a lot about this album. But that is where I’d like to place this band, alongside Danko Jones high intensity hard rock (hardrock?). I love this. Anders Ekdahl

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