(Metal Scrap)
OK, I get it that when English isn’t your mother tongue it can be hard to think up a good band name in English but Shame Yourself is even for me a bit too simple. I’m not making fun of the band but the name doesn’t really say brutal thrash metal does it? Instead it makes me think Mr Bungle and Primus or even The President of The USA. More fun than serious. Hopefully I’ll forget everything about the name once the music washes over me. That the band is thrash metal there’s no denying. Thankfully the music is so much better than the band name. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes the thrash that these guys play. Through in some borderline death and you get an album that is well worth checking out if you like an up-tempo kinda Obituary or Bolt Thrower. Anders Ekdahl

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