SHANNON “Circus Of Lost Souls”

“Circus Of Lost Souls”
(Mad Association)
OK, I might have hoped for a female solo artist by the name of SHANNON and not a bunch of French dudes but as this is what it is I just have to deal with that. I do expect this to be some very uplifting hardrock. Wouldn’t mind if it is borderline heavy metal. And borderline it might be but for most parts is stays in the right side of hardrock. I like hardrock that is more traditional, as this is. This reminds me of the stuff that I grew up on. Bands whose names I might have forgotten but whose spirit still lives on in me. This does in parts remind me of a band like Pretty Maids. You don’t really know if it is hardrock or heavy metal. All that you know is that you sit on your couch digging like a fool simply because this is that good. And that is really all I need to know that this is good. Anders Ekdahl

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