SHEAR “Breaking The Silence”

“Breaking The Silence”
(LifeForce Records)
I have nothing but respect for the Finnish metal scene. As with the Swedish I ravel over how many new acts that keeps popping up. It’s like there is a band behind every tree in the Finnish forests. Shear might not have the greatest and most eye-popping name but just by being Finnish you kinda know that this will be, if not great at least good. You gotta hand it to the Finns. They sure know how to play heavy metal. Shear is nothing but heavy metal. Kinda makes me think of Synergy (Kimberly Goss) but I also wander across the Baltic Sea to Sweden and bands like All Ends and One Without that tries to take metal to another level. This is so metal that you need an extra barrel to carry it all. This is just as good as I expected, perhaps a tad better than that too. All in all another top notch metal release from the land of the thousand lakes. Anders Ekdahl

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