Shining – “One One One”

Shining – “One One One” (Indie Recordings)

Definitely one of the most eclectic bands around, Norway’s Shining started off as a jazz ensemble at the the turn of the century before fusing elements of prog, screamo, indie rock and electronica into an experimental package that still leaves some wondering if it could be achieved at all! Centered around multi instrumentalist founder Jørgen Munkeby, who plays the sax, guitars, keys and also does vocals, Shining is a musical extension of his personality, which is a veritable maelstrom of genius or madness – I’ll leave you to decide which as you enjoy the utterly intense experience of wailing sax, screamo vocals and driving indie rock guitars on ‘Blackjazz Rebels’, ‘The Hurting Game’ and ‘Paint The Sky Black’. Yet despite the seeming cacophony (well it is – Ed), I think that Shining’s music would make for an even more awesome live experience as it certainly has that feel to it – Jørgen has already collaborated with Ivar of Enslaved in The Armageddon Concerto – and with this seventh album being co-produced by Sean Beavan (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson etc) the light definitely looks to be pointing favorably on Munkeby.

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