Shotgun – “Live – Down Decadencia Drive”


Shotgun – “Live – Down Decadencia Drive” (Livewire/Cargo Records)

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Few fans of rock n roll bands ever see their dreams come true – but for Zan Clan bassist Chris Laney and ex Danger Danger guitarist Rob Marcello the chance to play with their heros Zinny J. Zan and Stixx proved to be irresistible. Likewise for a legion of fans the world over! Probably Sweden’s greatest glam metal export in the 80s, Shotgun Messiah’s self titled debut saw them snapped up and moved to the West Coast, poised to contest the make up cutesy boy crown with Motley Crue and Ratt. However, the departure of Zan shortly after soon spelled a change in style and a final, ill fated venture into industrial rock saw the band disintegrate in 1993. Since then the various band members have been involved in their own ventures, however, in 2013 Laney approached the band for reunion to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their gold selling debut. Unfortunately only Zan and Stixx agreed, at which point Laney stepped up and hooked in Marcello. Recorded in Gothenburg, “Live – Down Decadencia Drive” clearly proves that despite the years, Zan and Stixx haven’t lost any of their fire and amazingly this album actually sounds like a lost live recording! Zan sounds like he’s addressing a stadium still with plenty of sass and his voice is full of red blooded rock n roll, while Stixx must have had a marathon training regime given how hard he’s hitting those drums. Laney and Marcello fill in impressively for originals Tim Skold and Harry Cody, not that you’d really notice on this charged performance of hits like the down n dirty ‘Bop City’ and the kick ass ‘Shout It Out’, which the Gothenburg crowd certainly do! I guess this album and gig must have been unfinished business for fans and band members alike – so much so that on closer ‘Don’t Care Bout Nothin’ they gracefully roll on original Kingpin singer, J.K. Knox who co penned the number god knows when! An absolute must of an album for anyone who remembers these guys, even if 8 tracks make the memories all too short for my liking.

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