(Target Records)
SHOTGUN REVOLUTION sounds like the title of a really cool movie in the Tarantino vein. Not so much a metal band. But as that is what we have to work with here we have to settle for this being an album by a band that is more rock’n’roll than metal in spirit. I have no problems with bands sounding like Guns’n’Roses or Buckcherry. I kinda like the bluesier end of things too. When I listen to this I come to think of Swedish acts like Backyard Babies and Hardcore Superstars and perhaps some of the more sleazier bands too. This is the kind of feel good hardrock that these bands play and that I really didn’t care for in the 80s and still don’t pay too much attention to. But every once in a while along comes an album like this and almost every time I end up liking what I hear. This time is no exception. I like this album. Anders Ekdahl

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