(The Leaders Records)
As I write this I realize that I seem like a little child that doesn’t get what it wants but I really don’t like EPs or M-CDs. I buy them out of a sense of duty to the bands but I still feel cheated out of a full album when I play them. Show Your Face released a full album in 2011 that was described as metalcore. I reviewed it but seeing how out of touch I am with this new metalcore thing it sounded like a continuation of In Flames to my ears. This time around I kinda understand the metalcore angle better. There is an edge to this that is hardcore. I’m coming round to liking Show Your Face even more than I already does. This is heavy stuff. I can’t hear too much In Flames in this stuff. Instead I hear a heavier death metal edge to it. I gotta say that this impressed me. Anders Ekdahl

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