In 2012 I came to learn that there are more to Italian metal than Rhapsody (whatever they are called more) and Underground Symphony bands. And even though nobody in Italy seem to care too much about it there are some really great bands that keep the flame of metal alive. This has more of a hardrock/Bon Jovi feel to it. Not as widdly waddly as many Italian bands tend to be (no critique there). This is much more straight forward. This is the kind of hardrock that I need time to really get into. If I just put it on and listen to it while I do the dishes or vacuum then this will pass me by totally unnoticed. I need to sit down and really listen to it to fully get it. I get a harder Cinderella/Warrant feel when I listen to this. It’s is less glam and more blues so to speak while not losing that sparkly exterior. Anders Ekdahl

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