SHRIKE “Hinab in die vertraute Fremdheit”

“Hinab in die vertraute Fremdheit”
(Source Of Deluge)
German black metal seem to lag after the speed, power and thrash metal that we’ve been bombarded with over the years. But it is there and it comes in many forms and from the most obscure and misanthropic to the more accessible. SHRIKE seem to fit in somewhere in the middle of obscure and misanthrtopic and accessible. They got a sound that is a bit thicker than that of Darkthrone but not as grand as that of Dimmu Borgir. If I were to guess I’d say that they have some thrash elements in their black metal that make it sound the way it does. It isn’t just full on black. And it works. It adds to the charm of the music making it interesting to listen to. Perhaps not the most prominent German black metal band but they sure got an interesting sound going for them. Anders Ekdahl

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