Shylmagoghnar – “Transience”

Shylmagoghnar – “Transience” (Napalm Records) 
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Shylmagoghnar… there’s a name, make no mistake and if it conjures a sense of mysticism and other worldliness, then you definitely won’t be disappointed in the music! Having already made their name through their debut issued only 4 years ago, this Dutch duo play an ambitious blend of atmospheric melodic blackened death metal covered across the 8 tracks here, varying in length from standard 4 minute songs to epic pieces in the 12 minute mark – but all of which resonate the splendour of the incredible music and amazing talents of Skirge (Vocals) and Nimblkorg (Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals). A continuation to “Emergence”, if less apocalyptic, prepare to be bedazzled by the uplifting soundscapes on show here, richly incorporating bountiful melodies and lush tones brought to life by the layered instruments of Nimblkorg’s incredible work, all of which keep the energy flowing through the lengthy pieces – but nevertheless captivating the listener all the way through. From the pure instrumental of ‘The Dawn Of Motion’ with its slow clanging melodies contrasted by blurring drum work and heavy riffs that soon gave way to a massively catchy folkish melody that went straight through my body, the passion was made even more so by the richly atmospheric keyboards and even more bountiful blackened guitars. ‘This Shadow Of The Heart’ with its more blackish sound was reflected in the harsh vocals, but once again resplendent with incredibly powerful but no less catchy melodies, sending the song soaring ever upward and even deeper into my heart, clearly proving the emotional reach of Shylmagoghnar’s captivating music. Ending with the longest track in the 13 minute ‘Life’, its epic effect can only be compared to its deeply passionate tones and uplifting keyboard soundscapes vividly contrasted once again by double bass drumming, raw metallic riffing and not in the least, the impressive guitar work both in its drawn out solos as well as acoustically. This could almost be several songs embodying different tempos but in the talented hands of Nimblkorg and Skirge its seamlessly stitched together, leaving the listener boundless in awe and a spectacular way to finish yet another mind blowing release. Shylmagoghnar… there’s a name, and don’t you forget it.
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