It feels like I’ve been hearing/reading about this band in different surroundings. Yet I’ve never really bothered to check them out because I’ve thought that this wasn’t my cup of java. But what the hell; why not live dangerously for once and give this band a fighting chance to prove themselves. This album has already made a racket in the Danish charts with an 8th position on the Danish national chart. Now it is time for the rest of us to discover what the Danes rave about. I might be using Tool as reference point way too often and perhaps often wrongfully too but when I hear a band like SIAMESE FIGHTING FISHS the first thing I come to think of is Tool. Sure this is way harder and perhaps a bit more mainstream but there is that kind of melancholy that Tool seem to be so bloody good at getting at. And this is rather good. I can see why the Danes did go bananas over it. There is a charm to the songs that makes this a good listen. If you like bands like Straight Line Stitch etc. you’ll like this too. Anders Ekdahl

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