Sibiir – “Sibiir”

Sibiir – “Sibiir” (Fysisk Format)

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Sibiir are Norwegian post metallic blackened hardcore. Named after the massive frozen tundra of Siberia, Sibiir’s music is equally raw and extreme, taking inspiration from their own homegrown black metal scene and well as the dark, screaming hardcore of Integrity et al. Formed in 2014 from various underground bands like Sigh & Explode and Jack Dalton, there is little in the way of pandering to any genre styles other than to take what’s needed and create the hardest and darkest music ever made. From Jimmy Nymoen’s throat raw screaming, the twin guitars of Tobias Gausemel Backe and Steffen Grønneberg are what makes the difference here; delivering crushing riffs effortlessly shifting into blinding raw metallic shoegaze strumming while intelligently throwing in catchy Nordic melodies to keep the ferocity from being an all out runaway train. But only just. From the hardcore side its clear where Kent Nordli’s deep, twanging bass has come from and as for drummer Eivind Kjølstad – well, you can guess he’s nothing short of atomic having to keep up with the rest of these guys! But as with Siberia, look beyond the vast bleakness and there is actually stunning beauty along with the purity of nature and so too it is with Sibiir, composing atmospherically charged fusions that are equally hookladen from the Norse doom noise of ‘The Spiral’ to the metallic clanging bliss of ‘White Noise’ and my personal fave ‘These Rats We Deny‘, with its heavy dark warbling – awesome! Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, this stunning debut may stand apart from the commoner styles associated with Norway, but more importantly it sets a new standard. Ignore it at your peril.

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