SICADIS “Blood Of A Thousand Hearts”

“Blood Of A Thousand Hearts”
I admire bands that take things into their own hands. Sicadis from the States have released this album all on their own. Today that is no sign of lesser quality. It is just a sign of independence. And that should be celebrated a bit extra in a time and age when complacency seem to be the norm. Do what others do, don’t think for yourself seems to have become the guiding words instead of free thinking and a strong will to go against the stream. I get flashbacks to the 90s and the first time I heard Machine Head’s debut album when I hear Sicadis album. Perhaps not with the same kind of groove and perhaps a tad more death metal but still with the same kind of enthusiasm as Machine Head. But that is where the comparisons end. Musically Sicadis have more in common with the heavier side of In Flames of perhaps the more melodic side of Dissection. An album that surprised me in a very positive way. Anders Ekdahl

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