Sideburn – “Gasoline”

Sideburn – “Gasoline” (AOR Heaven Mailorder/ Irascible Disc)

Sideburn are another trip into the mists of Euro-metal history. Originally called Genocide back in ’85, when they played metal to the max a la Priest, the arrival of Rose Tattoo soon had these Swiss dudes yearning to follow in their steps of Aussie pub rock – and thus Sideburn was born! Essentially playing Bon Scott era blues based rock, Sideburn also mix in the fast rock n roll of Anderson & co while chucking in a little ZZ Top boogie for good measure. It’s meat n potatoes rock but Sideburn (who are named after Elvis’s burns no less) play it in style without being copyists. Roland Pierrehumbert’s vocals are actually a mixture of Bon and Angry although he doesn’t thankfully try to pull off an Aussie twang (now that would be something – Ed) while guitarists Mike Riffart and Lawrence Lina stick to the tested formula of simple but bloody catchy rock riffs while keeping a tight rhythm when they’re not burning solos into songs like ‘Crocodile’, ‘Baby Don’t Care’ and ‘Gangster Lover’. Ironically the growing Swiss market and twilight of both AC/DC and Rose Tattoo might have given Sideburn the long awaited opportunity that eluded them many moons ago – let’s hope the pubs in Switzerland can handle their dirty brand of low down rock n roll.

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