SIDIOUS “Ascension To The Throne Of Self”

“Ascension To The Throne Of Self”
OK when a press release pretty much mention every thinkable metal genre you know that you are either in for a metal experience of the year or you’ll want to tape your ears to escape the racket that the band is making. With this British lot I hope for the first because I do not have any tape that big to cover my ears. Ok, this isn’t another Cradle Of Filth wannabe. Thankfully. This British lot is black metal in a way that that makes me think that Bal-Sagoth have gone black. This is symphonic but not in a total Dimmu Borgir way. So if you love your black metal on the more grandeur side then this should be the lot for you to check out. I have to admit that at times this sort of black metal get a bit too much for me. Perhaps I’ve been listening too much to the simpler, more straight forward black metal to fully get this layered stuff. But having said that I find myself liking this album. There is a charm to it that makes it hard to resist. Anders Ekdahl

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