SIGN OF THE JACKAL ”Breaking The Spell”

”Breaking The Spell”
(Dying Victims Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

This Italian heavy metal band is new to me. 5 years since the last album and 10 years after the first demo SIGN OF THE JACKAL has unleashed their second album. This is being described as an album for fans of Warlock and Acid. I don’t totally agree with that. Warlock I can hear but Acid, not really. But if you like bands like Crystal Viper and that kind of heavy metal bands this will be to your liking. I like what I hear. This is my kind of heavy metal. As I listen to this, in the back of my head, lurks a band that I cannot find the name for. A band so very familiar to me that it annoys the crap outta me that I cannot think of its name. Ahh there it finally came. This reminds me so very much of Exciter and their first three albums. And any band that does that gets two thumbs up from me. Anders Ekdahl

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