(Red Cat Records)
There are times when I’m left speechless, or wordless. Not because I’m so awestruck over a new album but because I have no fucking clue what to think about an album or a band’s music. Italian Signs Preyer are that hard to understand musically. Listen really hard and you can trace some Opeth-eclecticism. As with Meshuggah Opeth are to be blamed for bands mixing more extreme tones with a progressive touch. Not that Signs Preyer sounds anything like Opeth or even come close to being anything like them but they work with the same kind of palette. There is the same kind of dynamics at work here. Where they go from the soft to the hard within one song. Where they go from high to low and back in a never ending string. It takes a certain person to appreciate this. Somebody that can sit through all the mood swings; from the bluesy to the brightest, from some really thrashy to the more sombre, all the ups and downs without ever getting tired or losing interest. I do not have the patience for it, not now at least. Anders Ekdahl

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