Silent Force – “Rising From The Ashes”


Silent Force – “Rising From The Ashes” (AFM Records)

Silent Force are back! Seven years on, mastermind Alex Beyrodt has cleaned house in the band’s camp with only drummer André Hilgers remaining. In comes Matt Sinner on bass, Alessandro Del Vecchio on keys and Michael Boorman on vocals. Whilst Sinner is of course known through his work with Beyrodt, fans will have to delve a little deeper with Boorman, who was also working with Beyrodt in The Sygnet. Recently, it has come to light that had they continued working together, Boorman would have in fact become Silent Force’s first vocalist for it was the second album for The Sygnet that ultimately became Silent Force’s debut – talk about fate! Well the change is reflected in the album – heaps of new found energy and enthusiasm reflected in a far more guitar driven approach with heavier guitars and less progressive elements, although Beyrodt’s trademark of superb power melodies in all areas still holds true on songs like ‘Turn Me Loose’ and ‘Born To Be A Fighter’. Boorman hits all the notes correctly, whether its on the more feisty material or hard rock tunes like ‘Circle Of Trust’, clearly based on Beyrodt’s previous experience! New line up, new sound and new life – there’s a lot to be excited for here, both for Alex and the fans that tells us a new era in Silent Force is about to begin!

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