SILENT OPERA “Immortal Beauty”

“Immortal Beauty”
(Ravenheart Records)
Italian Silent Opera you might know from the interview I did with them. This is their debut album. You might think Lacuna Coil every time a goth metal band from Italy appears on the scene but where LC are more traditional metal Silent Opera have more in common with Tarja-Nightwish. You get the very operatic female vocals and the over the top metal that is often associated with this style of goth metal. And I like it. I leap up every drop of it like a milk starved kitten. This is music for my very romantic heart. I can’t seem to get enough of this kind of gothic metal. I crave more and more and Silent Opera see to it that I will not go starving for long. With their Italian heritage comes an automatic symphonic metal touch. A touch that just adds to my already burning infatuation for Silent Opera. This is my new favourite at the moment. Anders Ekdahl

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