Silent Winter – “Empire Of Sins”

Silent Winter – “Empire Of Sins” (Pride & Joy Music)
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Adding to the ton of Power Metal bands out there is Silent Winter from Greece, who should go down a treat for anyone loving bands like Beast In Black, Warkings, Powerwolf and early Manowar! Initially started in the mid 90s, it wasn’t until 2018 when the band formed with new members that all the fuss started, first with ‘The War Is Here’ EP followed by debut album, “The Circles Of Hell” in 2019. With well-known vocalist Mike Livas (Maidenance, Keepers Of Jericho, Timo Tolkki tour singer) ensconced in the ranks, Silent Winter became more active releasing several 3D videos and on the live front, playing with Skyclad, Acid Death and Nightrage at the Golden R Festival, along with a release show together with Floating Worlds in Athens’ Remedy club. Now comes the all important sophomore and I have to say – they have nailed it! Blasting in on ‘Gates Of Fire’ with the genre’s signature sound of hyper speed double bass drumming contrasted by catchy power melodies, there’s also a strong epic feel from the chugging Priest like razor riffing and Livas’ superb manly soul occasionally ignited by his own screams – wow!! Indeed, as the booming heavy metal riffs to ‘Hunter’s Oath’ echo brilliantly in the mix and stir deeply in your heart, Livas’ red blooded passion brings it all home through his beautiful voice, complemented by the soulful guitars in this incredible mix of metallic fire and unabated emotion that will long be remembered. Led by a triumphant heavenly melody, ‘Dragons Dance’ spirals its melodic bliss fired by double bass drums, powering chainsaw riffs and Livas’ truly majestic vocals exuding epic depth, stratospheric highs and passion unleashed in a high octane performance that is definitive of this superb sophomore, and indeed of a band whose time has finally come!!!!
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