SILENTLIE “Blood Under Snow”

“Blood Under Snow”
The first time I say this band’s name I thought it was some Italian or Latin word. But as I examined it closer I came to realize that the band’s name is SILENT LIE. They’ve just done with the space between the two words. Just because SILENTLIE is fronted by a female don’t go expecting this to be the next Lacuna Coil to make it out of Italy. This is nowhere near Lacuna Coil musically. Instead you get an EP of rather up-tempo hardrock/metal. Perhaps a tad modern in sound but still metal enough to appeal to all metalheads worldwide. If you like modern bands like Amaranthe or bands like Saraya and similar, there is a chance that you’ll like this too. It is melodic yet modern enough to appeal to today’s fans while still keeping a toe or two in the past. This appealed to me much more than I thought it would. Cools stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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