SILIUS ”Hell Awakening”

”Hell Awakening”

Battle Helm Rating

This is a band that I have no expectations on whatsoever. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t expect them to do great. Because I do. It is very seldom that I pick releases to review that suck majorly. There is always something that I find good about every release. And if it is too bad I won’t review it. There are too many good releases to feature to let the bad take up time and space. You know that it is going to be good when you start to bang your head to the opening riff. This is thrash metal in that cool second wave school. This Austrian band has managed to capture the vibe of bands like Vio-Lence, Holy Terror, Defiance and a whole host of other bands. And in doing so they have avoided the trap of sounding old and stale. This is as fresh as if the second wave was a thing of the 10s and not the 90s. Anders Ekdahl

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