SILVER DUST . “House 21”

“House 21”
(Fastball Music / Escudero Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not at all familiar with this band even though their name rings familiar. But with all the bands that are out there, it is bound to happen that band names get confused with each other. Just a minor change in spelling and you have a new band. Once the intro was over this one turned into a cool entity. I have a hard time to describe it but if you can imagine Ahab fighting the whale you get a picture of the grandness of this. It is epic in all its simplicity. It is heavier than hell yet still melodic enough for you to want to sing along (sorta). In a way it has that Black Sabbath heaviness we all love so much. I would not go as far as saying that this is doom metal but it sure has that doomy, end of world kinda feel to it. This one turned out to be a new fave. Anders Ekdahl

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