SILVER END ”Addicted”

(Mighty Music)

Battle Helm Rating

It is not too far off forming a melodic hardrock band in Bergen, Norway. Perhaps not a place best known for its melodies but there is a great pedigree of Norwegian melodic hardrock bands to follow. This is not as sugary as I thought it would be. I don’t know if you can talk about modern melodic hardrock but if you can then this is just that. And as much as I am a sucker for the 80s hair bands I kinda miss that. I want this to be full of sing along melodies. But it isn’t. Instead there is a heavy edge to it that actually makes this interesting in a whole different league. I don’t even know if it is correct to describe this as melodic or hardrock. But I don’t really care cause I like this any which way. Anders Ekdahl

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