SILVER GRIME “Healed By The Dark”

“Healed By The Dark”
(Inverse Records)

Battle Helm Rating

SILVER GRIME features a member from one of my all-time fave Swedish extreme metal bands; Obscurity. That alone is a major thing for me. It feels like the whell has come full circle now. Musically this makes me think of Stillborn from Gothenburg. It also makes me think of a band from Malmö that I cannot remember the name of right now. It is dark. It is sinister. It is heavy. It is doomy. It is apocalyptic. A perfect soundtrack for the end of the world, whenever that happens. While we wait for the inevitable demise of the world let us all rejoice in the pure wonder that is “Healed By The Dark”. Having followed SILVER GRIME on FB I kinda new what to expect from this album. but never did I expect this to be as great as it is. In all the darkness and despair there is a groove that hooks you and never let you go. No matter how dark it gets you sit there with a grin on your face just enjoying the hell outta what you hear. This is close to perfect in my book. Anders Ekdahl

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