Silver Horses
Silver Horses sounds like a typical hardrock band name. Nothing wrong with typical hardrock. Some of my earliest musical memories are of typical hardrock. That I’ve moved on from that since then doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on my past. I still find enjoyment in finding some good hardrock every now and then. I never cared for Black Sabbath with Tony Martin. Not because I believe he’s more of a bluesy singer than the fact that I didn’t care too much for Sabbath at that time. Silver Horses are much more bluesy than Sabbath ever been or will be and for that Martin’s voice fits like a glove. I can’t say that this is the kind of hardrock that I spend a lot of time listening to but I can appreciate it. I can’t help being moved by the blues. There is something very blue collar to it that touches depth in me that much other music doesn’t reach. Anders Ekdahl

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