SILVER WIND ”Legion Of The Exiled”

”Legion Of The Exiled”
(No Remorse)

Battle Helm Rating

After the more obvious NWOBHM and FWOSHM I got into French heavy metal thanks to bands like ADX, Sortilege, H-Bomb and not to forget Trust. So whenever I get to hear a French heavy metal band today I am taken back to that era. As I listen to SILVER WIND I imagine that I can hear traces of the 80s in their metal. Other than that I get early Hammerfall vibes from this. The more I listen the more I realize that there is something for every heavy metal fan on this album. And as much as I like my metal cohesive I gotta admit that this is too good to just write off simply because they are too all over the place. This is a really cool album full of really cool heavy metal tunes. Anders Ekdahl

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