SIN’ SOUND “From The Undergrund”

“From The Underground”
(Atomic Stuff)
I used to think of Italy as the home of symphonic metal but lately I’ve been introduced to a whole different side of the Italian hardrock/metal scene. The interest might be low but that doesn’t stop the bands from popping up. And rightfully so. Why let the opinion hinder you from doing what you like. If there isn’t a scene, create one yourself. There isn’t really much stuff that I don’t listen to but this is one that I’m usually not that down with. It made me think Sweden’s Trash from the 80s which made me think AC/DC on valium. I have a hard time seeing when I’d put this on. I’m not even sure what I think of this. On a good day I might like it but on the other hand I might flee it like a scared kid on a bad day. I’ll give them the cred for trying to be different. It’s just not my different today. Anders Ekdahl

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